Microsoft’s BizSpark

(Brian here) I’ve been working for the past week on getting BizSpark up and running at the recommendation from one of our advisors. It offers a lot free server space and Microsoft software to startup companies younger than 5 years (that’s us!).

So I filled out the application and they received it and told us it’d be up to 10 days before they got back in touch with us – no problem! The 10th day was this past Friday, still no contact. So before I write up an email inquiring about it I Google around asking what other startups have experienced and find that if you just try logging in and using Bizspark – if it’s there you have it! and if it’s not there then you don’t. Wow, that’s pretty hands off, but I can handle that. Less email to read! We have access and now I’m working my way through the application processes for Microsoft Office and if Azure is what I think it is… migrating our website and e-mail services to it. Currently we’re using and Google Apps for Work and it’s been getting the job done for us but we know there is a lot more we’ll need as we begin rolling out nationwide games with lots of reporting and checks.

Wish me luck getting through the fancy and different User Interface choices they’ve made and having consistent enough internet that it doesn’t make me restart the application halfway through!